Finding Her The Perfect Gift Has Never Been Easier

The following is an extract from my article for Alice Made This. Read it in full here.

When it comes to gifting, the general consensus is that men are the hardest to shop for. Whilst I admit that gifting for men isn’t exactly a walk in the park, I wouldn’t completely underestimate the difficulty in finding the perfect gift for her. There are so many things to consider in regards to personal taste, size, style, price range, relationship status as well as sustainability and ethical sourcing. And even if you’ve nailed all the above, the volume of choice alone when it comes to women’s brands makes the whole thing pretty overwhelming. 

Now, by the sheer fact that you’re reading these words, it means that you’ve most likely honed in on the category of women’s jewellery. A solid choice if I do say so myself. Jewellery is, for the most part, reserved for long-term relationships, family and loved ones—meaning it comes with an added level of sentiment. Get it wrong and it could be disastrous (okay, perhaps disastrous is a little bit of an exaggeration but you get the point). Get it right and you’re likely to be in the good books for the foreseeable future.

Case in point, in the first couple years of dating my now wife, I knew that I knew pretty much nothing about her taste in jewellery. This wasn’t because I never paid attention (I swear), but rather, I noticed that she never really wore jewellery much. It also dawned on me that she is one of those people that gifts incredibly well. Anything that I got her needed to be perfect and I didn’t want to run the risk of bombing because she’s the kind of person that would be nice about it, so I’d never even know if I did! They say ignorance is bliss but in this specific case, I most certainly disagree.


She considers good gift giving an art form; it is an exercise in understanding, care and attention to detail. The first real piece of jewellery I bought her, therefore, ended up being her engagement ring. Through the process of searching for the perfect ring, I learnt a lot about her tastes. I’d scroll through Instagram during our evenings in and show her a picture of someone popular we mutually follow wearing a piece of jewellery to get her thoughts. Casually. I also assessed her favourite outfits to see how select pieces of jewellery would complement them and so forth. As it turned out, these were good little tips in general for life!

Read Finding Her The Perfect Gift Has Never Been Easier.