Tales by Varun Photoshoot

With the exception of our wedding day, Kavya and I never had a ‘couple’s shoot’.

We take a lot of photos, but noticed after a while that we rarely had any featuring the two of us together. We’d go out, and it’d normally be her taking photos of me and vice versa. Any time we asked someone to take a photo, it’d serve as no more than a blurry memory of that day. We decided that 2019 would be the year we ended this. Similarly to how we found our wedding photographers, we took to Instagram and browsed accounts until we stumbled across the beautiful work of Tales By Varun.

We got in touch with Varun, and met him at The Royal Exchange in Bank. His style is beautifully warm, and we felt the buildings in the surrounding areas would suit well. We walked around the streets with pitstops at The Ned and Guildhall on a quiet Saturday afternoon. As we’re not a PDA kinda couple, a lot of the poses and movements during this shoot were cringeworthily awkward, but the outcome was pretty sweet. Take a look.

See more on Instagram: @talesbyvarun, @_kavya_ and @rkzuk.