You're going to have bad days, months, even years. Today might be the worst day you've had in a long time. Often it'll hit you like a ton of bricks, other times it will sneak into your head, weighing and dragging you down slowly until you're void of yourself.

You aim to escape it to no avail, and find you have no peace within your safe place. Fuck it. You'll find a new safe place. You may end up finding solace in the depression, who knows. Everyone has their own story to experience. However, as individual as these journeys may be, we can get through the tougher terrains collectively. All we need to do is be open when we need help. Be vocal when we're struggling, and take a hand when we can't get out of the rut. There's no shame in being upset. There's no shame in guys crying. There's absolutely no shame whatsoever in feeling like you're not in control.

The strength and empowerment lies in open conversation. To quote Shihan's Flashy Words, "sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will always teach you." I write this primarily as a reminder to myself, but I hope you find a little bit of comfort somewhere amongst these words, somewhere in this picture, somewhere in this world.