An Evening at The Rubens At The Palace

The Rubens at the Palace is a family run institution that has left avid travellers in awe ever since its beginnings in 1912. Overlooking the Royal Mews of Buckingham Palace, the hotel is one of marvel – from the rich tapestries and décor to the quality of service and hospitality.

We were welcomed into the hotel on a rather rainy late summer’s evening and were escorted to the wonderfully lavish Calvary Bar. Now believe me when I say that there are bars, and then there are bars. The striking colour theme would normally take centre stage on first gaze, but our eyes (and ears) were immediately transfixed on the lounge band – talented musicians delicately showcasing their skills to the tune of Sinatra, Ray Charles, John Legend and many more greats.

With the scene set, we wanted to get the true experience of The Rubens from start to finish, and what better way to do that than by ordering one of the Top 10 Most Instagrammable Cocktails in London? The aptly named Up In Smoke lived up to the reputation and even managed to draw the attention of a delightful American tourist, who immediately asked us what the drink was called. I opted for a Maker’s Mark Old Fashioned next to whet the appetite for what was to follow.

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