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An early passion for journalism pulled RKZ into creative writing, initially through music and poetry. He expanded this, becoming a feature writer for hip-hop blog Sampleface before taking over as UK Editor. In 2012, RKZ was announced as an ambassador for the Campaign Against Living Miserably. The charity aims to reduce the suicide rate of men in the UK, particularly London. Suicide is the biggest killer of men in the UK. He contributes to CALM's website and monthly CALMzine as a guest writer, focusing on depression in the Brit-Asian society.

He joined the Creative team at Born Social in June 2015, and progressed to Senior Creative the following year, before joining Turnbull & Asser as their lead Copywriter & Social Media Coordinator. His work as a content creator, writer and photographer has seen him work for brands including Tom Smarte, Brathwait, Kiehl's, Born Social and more. In 2016, RKZ returned to his University (Westminster) as a Careers Mentor for students looking to get into the creative industry in London.


Experience | References

Copywriter & Social Media
Turnbull & Asser
(July 2017—Present)

Senior Creative
Born Social
(April 2016—July 2017)

Born Social
(June 2015—March 2015)

Video Editor
Entertainment Wise
(June 2013)

(January 2013—Present)

Video Lead
Be Discovered
(Oct 2013—Mar 2014)

Content Manager
RGS Entertainment
(Sept 2011—Jul 2012)



(Feb 2012—Present)

University of Westminster
(Nov 2016—Present)


Available upon request.