"Rikesh Chauhan, known as RKZ, is the modern Renaissance man. His many talents as a recording artist, photographer, writer, and creative resonates in his impeccable style, through which a delicate and thoughtful approach to fashion is visible… [His] eternally sophisticated aesthetic demonstrates how attention to detail is vital when creating fashion ensembles.” - Eve Parsons for Jewel Street, 2019.

Being a quintessential East London creative stereotype (and proud), an overwhelmingly large percentage of my wardrobe is either black or grey, and generally tailored to a quarter-inch of its life. Whether it's street style or sartorial, the idea of a perfect fit is something I've grown obsessed with. Scroll below to see some of the projects I’ve been working on, and if any of the pieces intrigue you - do get in touch.


My Indian wardrobe is awash with colour and flair, and there's rarely a reason beyond Indian weddings to ever embrace it. Inspired by conversations with designer Saran Kohli, as well as Sabyasachi's Instagram feed, I wanted to create a collection of suiting that followed the silhouettes of Savile Row and fused Indian colours, fabrics, textures.I very much believe no man can look bad in a well-tailored Indian suit and I, for one, feel like an absolute baller whenever I wear one.

See exhibit A:


Working with Saran Kohli, we designed a couple of suits (see below) which bring the best of both worlds together. Both suits are as yet unreleased, but we are doing bespoke and MtM orders.

This first suit, we debuted in the summer of 2017. Using raw Indian silk as the fabric for the suit, we tailored the fit and used military buttons to finish with a high waist, pleated trouser. The waistcoat uses a French Linen and floral motif.

Separates begin at £300.

Photography by @simonlesleyphoto and @mihir_jhaveri.

Feature: Esquire's Best Dressed at LFWM.

For the second suit, we decided to go for a softer finish inspired by Japanese tailoring: a single-button double breast blazer sans lapels, turn-up cuffs on sleeves and trouser; finished with a wide leg. We went for casual tailoring but it ended up being rather bold in cut and design, so it works best when dressed down (a simple turtleneck, in this case). All of these images were taken during LFWM in January 2018.

Jacket and Trousers, £POA


My Tom Smarte camel fedora has been a sartorial mainstay, so it made sense to work with them for a relatively bold concept I had in mind. A yellow fedora (more Warren Beatty, less Stanley Ipkiss) had been brewing for a while; something I could wear in the winter to add contrast to the grey, but also something that could work casually in the summer. As it turns out, sourcing yellow fabric for just one item is a lot harder than you’d imagine. Read about it here.

The Yellow Fedora is now available as part of Tom Smarte’s AW19 collection, £195-£250.

Photography by @jahied.

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