As a creative, I've worked on quite a few projects over the past four to five years, predominantly spanning photography, videography (direction, filming, editing and post), art direction and creative advertising for social. Brands include Brathwait, The Campaign Against Living Miserably, Circulr, The Eleven, Entouraaj, Entouraaj x Topman, Hush Puppies, Kiehl's, London Boy Entertainment, Meatopia, The Rakish Gent, Saran Kohli Label, Spacesworks, T.M.Lewin, Tom Smarte, Turnbull & Asser and more.



A few shots from T.M.Lewin's #23HourLewin campaign featuring Benjarmin

CirculrCo_4 copy.jpg


I recently shot for watch brand Circulr with my annoyingly good-looking friend, Benjarmin, for their new range. The concept was simple: street style, London, contemporary—less polished, more raw. Check out more from the shoots at @circulrco.



Directed by myself and Another Studio, styled by me and features models Faye Fearon and Rahi Chadda. The concept behind the video was to bridge the gap between music, fashion and photography. One of my biggest challenges to date has been how I could combine my individual work in these three fields into one project. Notes is where this begins. Watch the music video below!


Being Senior Creative at Born Social, one of the accounts under my roster is, Born Social. The key objective for Born on social media was to increase brand awareness following the rebrand, position ourselves as thought leaders and promoting the concept of being #ForTheDavids. The saturation of brand presence on social is no secret—everyone is trying to be seen. Advertising, therefore, plays an integral part of any good brand awareness strategy (and most others, for that matter). But what do you do when you can't outspend the competition? Simple. You outsmart them. By being on the pulse of everything social, the best way we build is by building others. Instead of making a carousel promoting ourselves, let's make a carousel teaching people how to make a good carousel. Targeting young marketers, SMEs and the creative industry, we give them tips, tricks and know-how at no cost. Because we believe everyone should have the chance to compete with the big boys.


Representing the essence of traditional British craftsmanship and contemporary design, I was briefed to create a video showcasing exactly that—from concept to execution, focusing on Tom Smarte's new range of hats. The video was commissioned for their presence at Pitti Uomo 90, displayed throughout the event and digitally. In addition to this, I also led creative for Tom Smarte's social media presence.

SPACES (photography)

In 2016, I became a photography partner at Spaces in London. As their in-house photographer, I focus primarily on reportage-style imagery documenting events hosted at their London location. Initially a client at Born Social, I was lead creative for their social presence and spent time between their London and Amsterdam locations. 


At my time at Be Discovered, I created 75+ videos within the space of five months ranging from interviews, live performances, and behind-the-scenes featuring artists including Shakka, Little Simz, Jay Prince, Jamz Supernova, Kojey Radical and more. 

After the launch, we hosted three Be Discovered Live events at The Hospital Club, London, all of which were sold out and rated 5* on Timeout. I lead social media promotion, photography and videography for all events.