It's safe to say London has felt more like Havana this summer. With the World Cup in full swing, the city abuzz with blistering sunshine and chants of It's Coming Home being heard in every pub, office and household around, having an outfit that can get you from day to night isn't the easiest of challenges to execute. However, I've found a surefire way to make a summer casual look look slightly smarter by swapping the jeans with trousers, and the trainers for light-coloured leather loafers. 

I teamed an oversized Sunspel tee with braces and lightweight cotton check trousers which complement each other well. When you're doing the t-shirt / trouser combo, the best way to pull it off is to ensure the tee is understated. Go plain (I'd recommend a Son of a Tailor number) or something with a simple logo or graphic. This look works well in the office, as well as out of it. It also looks particularly good with a fedora, some sun and a cigar.

Hat by Tom Smarte
Spectacles by Cubitts
Tee by Sunspel
Watch by Brathwait
Braces and Trousers by Topman
Jewellery is bespoke, wedding band by Hearts of London

Imagery by @styleandstylus