My photography focuses on portraiture and reportage, and I cover everything from street style blogger shoots to corporate events. I'm currently taking bookings for 2018 and 2019, so if you would like to enquire about rates and availability, I'd love to speak to you. I aim to be as flexible when it comes to ideas, times and budget so please drop me a line. You can see some of my recent shoots below:

@coffeeonmycashmere, 2018

Stemmed from my propensity for spilling coffee all over myself, I decided to create an Instagram account documenting it (hence the name). In doing so, I couldn't help but aim to tackle my main issue with coffee-lifestyle accounts on Instagram: they never tagged the brands. I'd see an incredibly composed picture complete with latte art, beautiful person, great outfit, but I wouldn't know where the coffee was from, who the person was or what they were wearing. I wanted to curate images where all of this was attainable - in turn providing followers with ideas on how to style, where to shop, who to follow and which coffee spots around London (and world) are worth visiting. After initially curating the feed, I started an original series called #COMCmeets, where I grab a coffee with a talented individual and do a quick photoshoot! Check out a few previews below, and the full portrait series via @coffeeonmycashmere on Instagram.

Clarks Originals, 2018

I met up with Husam Al-Deen to shoot a couple of Clarks Originals' new range. Husam wore the Kiwora Sport in off-white and I opted for the Trigenic Evo Knits in a lovely Sand colourway. We shot the campaign around Russell Square, and visited Store Street Espresso. I'm wearing a grandad collar shirt by COS, cropped trousers by Topman Lux and a draped cotton shawl by Venison's. Frames are by Cubitts and the watch is an automatic minimalist from Brathwait.

Out & About, 2018

A series of photos I've taken when out and about. I love visiting new spots and old favourites and documenting them. I shoot these primarily for Instagram stories, usually with a 50mm to achieve that heightened bokeh. I feel they give the shots a lot more warmth and emotion, and allows for prominent subjects—ideal when highlighting specific dishes, coffees or people.

Bencivenga Alta Sartoria, 2018

I worked with tailors Oscar Bencivenga and Saran Kohli to shoot their summer campaign. The Italian brand, who have a base in London's Knightsbridge, make incredible RTW and bespoke suits, shirts, accessories and more. Take a look at some of my favourite shots of Mr. Bencivenga, wearing HTT Bencivenga Alta Sartoria, below.

Kavya, 2018

A few portraits of the wife around London.

Tom Smarte's 1786 Collection, 2018

I shot the editorial and look book for Tom Smarte's 1786 collection. We used three prominent fashion influencers in Faye Fearon, Nas Abraham and Shaun Gordon, and shot the looks on set at The Wigmore, which is part of The Langham, London. You can take a look at Tom Smarte's incredible collection here.

London Outlaws x Cords & Co., 2018

I met up with the brother Galih Richardson, otherwise known as London Outlaws, to shoot an editorial on Cords & Co. Featuring their Cut Ecru Trucker Jacket, we decided to focus the feature around adaptability of wear, and his passion for skateboarding. Check out some of the highlights below.

A Proposal, 2017

I now have the honour of calling one of the most incredible human beings I've ever met, my fiancée. I proposed to her in the morning, and we spent the entire day doing all the things we loved to do—including a mini photoshoot.

St. James's x Husam Al-Deen, 2017

I met up with the talented photographer and creative, Husam Al-Deen, for a shoot around St. James's. The weather was questionable to say the least, with spells of monsoon-like rain scattered between blistering sun. A normal summer's day in London, basically. Suit by Topman; waistcoat by RKZ x Saran Kohli; ties by Dior and Lanvin; pocket square by Alexander McQueen; shoes by Kurt Geiger; umbrella by MUJI.

Statemeant, 2017

I met up with the brother Alhi, who founded Statemeant, to shoot their new Autumn/Winter drop. Modelled on Rhiyana Thompson and Nathan Hector, we shot around Mayfair to capture the transition from day to night. You can shop the full collection here.

The Rubens At The Palace, 2017

I reviewed The English Grill at The Rubens At The Palace for The Dapper Chapper, and took from photos documenting the event. Take a look at some of my favourites below, and read the review on

Ben, 2017

Had the pleasure of meeting Ben a couple years ago now, as part of a beautiful group of Aussies based in East London's Paradise Row. I frequently post pictures of him (as well as captions highlighting how beautiful he is, and how I refuse to stand next to him). These are a few of my favourite shots of him, taken for T.M.Lewin, Zara Man and well, Instagram.

London Fashion Week Men's, 2016-2018

A selection of street style shots I've taken at LFWM (previously LC:M). I absolutely love capturing moments, people watching and photographing outfits, so street style at Fashion Week was always going to be a natural fit. If you're ever around, you'll most likely see me swanning about. And if you do, come and say hi so I can take your picture.

London Fashion Week, 2015-2017

Pretty much exactly the same description as LFWM.

Amsterdam on 35mm, 2017

One of the most beautiful cities in Europe; I've always said it's one of the only places you can get lost and always manage to find your way back, and all routes would be beautiful. Having lost my DSLR a couple weeks prior to flying out, I decided to take my film camera instead to capture what was a wonderful weekend with a rather wonderful human being.

Berlin, 2016

Home away from home. It's as simple as that. I absolutely adore Berlin and get overjoyed whenever I have an opportunity to return. It was the only place I've been to where as soon as I landed home, I booked another trip to go back. Steeped in arts, history, music, fashion... it's everything you'd want a city to be. 

Iceland, 2016

Genuinely the most surreal place I've ever visited, and an absolute must-see. We managed to chase the Northern Lights all the way from Vik to our airBNB after which we sat in a hot tub at 1am, -7 degrees out, watching the green lights dance amongst the stars.

A Fairytale Wedding, 2016

My sister got married in the summer of 2016, in the South of France, on a beautiful July weekend. In the brief moments I had free, I tried to capture a few of my surroundings. It was the epitome of a fairytale wedding, just take a look at the Instagram.