Soho House Mumbai, India, 2019

A few snaps of the recently opened Soho House during our stay in Mumbai, India.

Elena Fernandes, 2019

A few portraits of Elena around London.

Yuri & Yuri, 2019

I photographed Savile Row brand Yuri & Yuri’s recent Spring/Summer collection in London, featuring Will Field of Savile Row Journal and Shaun Brennan of Stowers. The full set of images are available to view on their website.

Mae + Harvey, 2019

My local coffee shop, Mae + Harvey, hosted an evening with chef Rosie Mackean.

Coffee On My Cashmere

Stemmed from my propensity for spilling coffee all over myself, I decided to create an Instagram account documenting it (hence the name). In doing so, I couldn't help but aim to tackle my main issue with coffee-lifestyle accounts on Instagram: they never tagged the brands. I'd see an incredibly composed picture complete with latte art, beautiful person, great outfit, but I wouldn't know where the coffee was from, who the person was or what they were wearing. I wanted to curate images where all of this was attainable - in turn providing followers with ideas on how to style, where to shop, who to follow and which coffee spots around London (and world) are worth visiting. After initially curating the feed, I started an original series called #COMCmeets, where I grab a coffee with a talented individual and do a quick photoshoot! Check out a few previews below, and the full portrait series via @coffeeonmycashmere on Instagram.

Decadent Evenings, 2018

I worked with Shaun Gordon on the editorial shoot for his latest bow tie capsule collection, Decadent Evenings. Consisting of five bow ties, the aim of the shoot was to portray the beauty of black tie—from the props and location to the models and products. The shoot featured models Hrishika Maniar, Lucie Kerley, Kevin Green, Stephen Kelly and Shaun Gordon himself, and was shot at The Punchbowl in Mayfair. Explore the full collection on Shaun Gordon’s website.

Out & About

A series of photos highlighting new places, coffees and people.


A few portraits of the wife around London.

Tom Smarte's 1786 Collection, 2018

I shot the look book for Tom Smarte's 1786 collection, featuring Faye Fearon, Nas Abraham and Shaun Gordon. You can take a look at Tom Smarte's full collection here.

Fashion Week, 2015-2019

A selection of street style shots I've taken at London Fashion Week and London Fashion Week Men’s. I absolutely love capturing moments, people watching and photographing outfits, so street style at Fashion Week was always going to be a natural fit. If you're ever around, you'll most likely see me swanning about. And if you do, come and say hi so I can take your picture.

Amsterdam (35mm)

One of the most beautiful cities in Europe; I've always said it's one of the only places you can get lost and always manage to find your way back, and all routes would be beautiful. Having lost my DSLR a couple weeks prior to flying out, I decided to take my film camera instead to capture what was a wonderful weekend with a rather wonderful human being.