Visionaries is the first album from London-based singer and rapper, RKZ. The 15-track album is executively produced by Handbook and features Raxstar, Sonni Mai and Chino XL.



Visionaries is the debut album by British singer-songwriter and rapper, RKZ.

A fifteen-track album executively produced by York-based Handbook, Visionaries features the singles Notes, They Don’t Know Nothing featuring Chino XL and Magnificent. The album explores RKZ’s experiences with mental health and specifically depression - a topic he is vocal about through his work for suicide prevention charity, CALM - and his relationships with music, love, identity and home. 

The album takes influence from R&B and jazz through the production of songs including Tezeta, Impossible and Wish You Well, with RKZ combining his singing with rap verses and breaks. Beginning with R&B-led vocals, RKZ showcases his passion for mellow, melodious sounds before transitioning into more powerful hip-hop to finish. The songs Late Night Drive, They Don’t Know Nothing and Discourse, in particular, display his affinity to ‘90s hip hop all the while mixed with his British-Asian identity. With Handbook’s production often compared to that of Nujabes and J. Dilla, the combination of his sound perfectly complements the clean vocal associated with the Luton-born RKZ.

The album is written, performed and mixed by RKZ, produced and mastered by Handbook. It releases on all media outlets and streaming services on Sunday 21st July, 2019. 

For more on RKZ, visit or Instagram, Twitter and Facebook at @RKZUK. Search “RKZ” on Spotify and YouTube.



Shot by @ssidwashere